We believe that your true beauty is shown best when you are wearing a style that allows you to radiate your most assured and confident self. We are passionate about classic lines, brilliant colours, perfection in finishing, and all of the details it takes to get there. It is a pleasure to spend time getting to know our clients, searching out a direction in which to find the perfect style, allowing your genuine personality shine through.

Founder Jessica Taylor has worked with some of Vancouver's finest stylists, and has competed at various levels across the country, winning awards, scholarships and top honours. Continuing to participate in education within the industry results in consistently high standards, always maintaining stunning and exceptional results.

Specializing in weddings, we provide Hair and Makeup services above and beyond with our Ensuite Wedding Packages: coming to you to create professional looks which showcase and highlight your best self. We believe this day is for you to relax and enjoy as much as possible. Or come into the shop downtown Tofino, complete with an incredible ocean view! We offer full Men's & Women's Hair Services, Makeup Services, Waxing and Massage.


Prices Apply To Everybody. Brides, Bridesmaids, Attendants, Guests, Mothers & Other Seekers Of A Fabulous Look!


Event Style, Your choice up or down

$100 in shop; $145 ensuite

Event Style Trial


Blow Dry (no curls)

$40-$60 in shop; $50-$70 ensuite

Makeup without Lashes

$80 in shop & ensuite

Makeup with Lashes (single or strip)

$100 in shop & ensuite








We Do Offer Packages For Groups Booking 5+ Event Styles with Makeup. Please contact us for details!

Doll’s Cut


Men’s Cut



$95 - $120+

Foils & Colour


Permanent Texture Waves


Hair Extensions (weave & bond)

Please Consult

Colour, Single Tone










Prices do not include tax. Prices subject to change.


The Ensuite Bride
We are able to come directly to your room on the morning of your wedding day to complete your Hair and Makeup. Staying in your own suite makes the day effortless and comfortable, and sets the pace for an easy flowing afternoon. By being able to see your gown in person, we are better able to create the most complementary style for you, also making sure your bust and torso are evenly coloured for photos. Cost of $225

Ucluelet Brides please add $100
Destination Brides please call for consultation

The In-Shoppe Bride
Takes place in our beautiful waterfront salon, located at 381 Main St, downtown Tofino. Our package includes Hair and Makeup Application. Cost of $180.

The Personal Stylist's Bride
We will stay on site beyond the Ensuite Service, following you throughout the photo shoot, making sure that every last detail is perfect. Ideal for sessions shot amidst our windy shorelines. Cost $50/hr, beyond the Ensuite cost of $225

Packages can also be built to suit your individual needs

Prices listed above also apply to guests, attendants, family members, and bridesmaids. Prices do not include tax. Please note that it's cash only. Please feel free to contact us with any further inquiries!

With Regards to Hair?

If you would like to add on a blow dry to your event style, please let us know upon booking and we can ensure a polished, full bodied finished style. If you prefer to prep your hair yourself, please dry completely the day of using appropriate products to acquire your desired finished look. For example, if you're looking for a full bodied look with lots of volume, please use a volumizing product and dry hair upside down, achieving lots of volume at the root. If you're looking for a smooth, frizz-less look please use appropriate products accordingly, and dry smoothly. Please avoid a flat iron pre-appointment, as flat ironed hair tends to drop curl easier.

With Regards to Our Makeup...

We are proud to use & carry Glo Professional Mineral Makeup. Mineral makeup is ideal in polishing your skin with a fresh, minimally 'made up' look. Light reflection is key with photography, and we tend to like the look of a powder based mineral makeup to achieve this glowing look. If you require a heavier coverage, we do have an array liquid foundations on hand to achieve this. Please let us know if you're an ensuite bride and would require a heavy or particular finish makeup, so that we're sure to bring these products along to the appointment. Feel free to bring any favorite products along to be worked in to the appointment as well.

We believe that when it comes to lips, the first application is the best application, hands down. To ensure that the perfect shade is applied every time, we recommend you provide your own lip colour. That way, you are able to apply your lips just before the ceremony, you will have a product for re-touches throughout the evening, and you have a shade which you know is absolutely perfect for you. Being comfortable in your makeup is the key to being beautiful. We love the look of a pigmented stain, topped with a lightly tinted gloss. Feel free to ask about any shade recommendations or product favourites we have. Don't be afraid to pick a pigment with depth... you don't want to wash out in the photos!

We are happy to offer the application of single lashes if you like, usually to the outer corners of your eyes. This creates a gorgeous ‘doe-eyed’ effect. If you’re a serious lash girl, we also have a wide selection of strip lashes to choose from, natural to runway! You can add lashes to your appointment for $20.


Being a part of your wedding day is more than just doing hair and applying makeup. It is by far one of the highlights of what we do. It is a pleasure to spend time with brides on the day of their ceremony, surrounded by so many customs, preparations, and the glowing love that is sure to affect all that participate. We are honored to be a part of your day.

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